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Construction projects, big or small, require the coordination of several trades. However, they also include processes which aren’t the responsibility of any particular trade. These are the things that make a project complete – the dotting of the i’s and crossing of the t’s if you like. It’s in these details that a quality project manager becomes essential – especially in commercial fit out projects.

What to look for in a commercial construction project manager

Successful commercial construction project management requires a wide range of qualities and skills from the project manager. Not only do these types of projects need to be finished on time and within budget, they need to adhere to specific building regulations.

First and foremost, strong communication skills are vital. A project manager who can’t adapt depending on who they’re speaking to has little hope of running a successful project. Also paramount is the ability to make decisions confidently, problem solve and resolve conflicts. Basically, a project manager needs to be liked but seen as firmly in charge. Most importantly, they need to be comfortable being there.

Time management is another huge factor. Timelines in construction can become major problems if a project is mismanaged. The other factor most pertinently affecting a project’s potential derailment is cost control. As such, a project manager must be organised and in touch with the budget at every turn.

Knowledge of health and safety regulations is non-negotiable for a project manager. If they possess and execute this knowledge, it makes them a bonafide asset to the project. If they don’t have the knowledge or choose not to use it properly, they can be a serious liability to the project. Thus, this is something worth ensuring your project manager is across.

On site experience with the building process is also a favourable characteristic of a project manager. In our experience, if a PM has been there and done it themselves, they invariably make better managers of the process.


A checklist of everything you should look for in commercial construction project manager:

  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Demonstrated problem-solving and risk-management skills.
  • Ability to resolve conflict.
  • Time management skills.
  • A solid track record in regard to financial management.
  • Clear knowledge of health and safety regulations.
  • Experience in several roles within the industry.

Lucky for you, the team at Elite Construct possesses all these qualities and more! Call us today with your construction project management queries.